Rand Paul endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for Senate in New Mexico

Former two-time Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who recently announced a bid for Senate in New Mexico, just picked up a pretty big and frankly, unexpected endorsement: Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

The libertarian-leaning Paul said Johnson‘s “leadership on issues of government overreach, protecting Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights against mass surveillance, and common sense foreign policy is sorely needed.”

Paul’s endorsement of Johnson in the race for the senate in New Mexico is a surprise for one big reason: there is a Republican candidate in the race, Mick Rich.

In the most recent poll conducted by Emerson College, Democrat Heinrich captures 39 percent support with Johnson garnering 21 percent and the Republican Rich in a distant third with 11 percent. However, according to the poll the race is far, far from being over with 30 percent of respondents saying they are currently undecided in the New Mexico Senate race.

Another interesting tidbit of information about the race in New Mexico: Libertarian Johnson actually had slightly more Republican support than Republican Rich. That same Emerson College poll found that 27 percent of Republicans support Johnson to 25 percent of Republicans favoring Rich.

Both Rich and Johnson are hoping to unseat the incumbent Democrat Heinrich.

Will the former New Mexico governor pull the upset?

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