Woman suspects man of cheating, so she puts ant poison on his pizza

As the saying goes, “hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman.” One man in West Virginia knows this to be true.

That’s because a woman, Emily Powell, was arrested after she was suspected of putting ant poison on a man’s pizza. What did the man do that set the woman off? She thought he might have been possibly, maybe seeing someone else.

Hey, I’m sorry but if you’re the kind of person who is willing to make someone gravely ill and possibly kill them over your jealously issues, I’d be seeing someone else, too and fast!

The woman apparently told officers that she put a “quarter size amount of Terro Ant Killer” on his pizza pie.

Listen, I enjoy pizza, but I don’t remember Pizza Hut everĀ  having “The Ant Poison Special” on their menu, but maybe it’s new.

Powell told officers she just wanted the man to “suffer a little” for his supposed sin.

Here’s hoping she suffers a lot for attempting to kill someone and using pizza to carry out her devious deed.





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