Patricia Heaton blasts the Catholic Church on Twitter

Patricia Heaton, the actress best known for the beloved roles as Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond and Frankie Heck on The Middle, is a devout Catholic who doesn’t shy away from her beliefs even though that can sometimes get you blacklisted in Hollywood.

She’s most noted for her staunch pro-life views and will often openly express them on her Twitter account. Lately though, she’s been going after the Catholic church amid new revelations in the on-going sex scandal within the church.

Heaton blasts the pope and calls for him to resign after the allegations that he may have known about and covered up Cardinal McCarrick’s abuse.

Heaton is completely right in her take on the whole mess. I’m not Catholic, but if I was, I’d really be struggling with whether to leave the church or not, especially if they continue to cover up the abuse.

The entire church leadership needs to go, including the pope and anyone who committed these heinous acts or covered them up should be thrown in jail – statute of limitations be damned.


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