Louis CK takes stage for first time since admitting to sexual misconduct

Since the #MeToo movement began, many high profile men have been accused of sexual harassment, assault and, in some instances, rape. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey are just some of the few big names that are under investigation for their sexual improprieties.

Funnyman Louis CK is also one of those whose life and career have been dramatically derailed because of sexual assault allegations, allegations that he ultimately admitted were true.

Also, like Weinsten and Spacey, Louis CK has kept a relatively low profile, only appearing in the public eye after another allegation of sexual misconduct. Well, apparently the comedian is attempting to get his career back on track.

The star of “Louie” made a surprise return to the stage as he performed a 15-minute set at the famed Comedy Cellar in New York this past weekend.

Will Louis CK be able to get his career back to the heights where it once was or will his admission of sexual misconduct prove to powerful to overcome, even in Hollywood?




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