Democrat Joe Donnelly releases new ad, touts work with President Trump

Indiana’s Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is fighting for his political life. Donnelly and his campaign are both well aware of that reality.

Need proof? Just look at his campaign’s latest ad, which was released Tuesday afternoon.

In it Donnelly stresses the importance of jobs, the economy and his work with President Trump? Yes, while highlighting his work in the senator, Donnelly actually mentions “joining with President Trump to build the wall and protect our borders” in the 30-second ad.

Donnelly is no dummy. He knows Indiana is red state and a place where the president is still very popular and he needs more than just Democratic votes to win. But mentioning his work with President Trump this early in a general election campaign is so, so odd.

It’s also weird because if the border wall and protecting our southern border were so important to voters, why vote for Donnelly? Braun, the Republican in the race, is much more likely to vote with the president on the border wall, on the economy (Donnelly voted against Trump’s tax bill) and everything else.

It may be only 30 seconds long, it’s very telling of what the candidate and the campaign is thinking.

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