This President Trump -‘Veep’ mashup is awesome

Out political climate is so, so toxic. Want proof? Look at some of the nasty reactions to Arizona Sen. John McCain’s passing.

For goodness sake, the political editor for VOX tweeted out an article Saturday night critical of McCain mere minutes after we learned of his passing. Then, after rightfully receiving backlash for her ill-timed article, went on to claim she was, in fact, the victim.

Whatever your feeling on President Trump – love him or hate him – he can make for some awkward, funny moments. Everyone does, right? Throw in some of his commonly-used phrases and you’ve got some “bigly” opportunity for some comedy and if you don’t agree, well, you’re just “a loser” and probably work for a “failing” company as well.

Anyway, one Twitter user recently took the moments before President Trump announced his USA-Mexico trade deal and the end credits of the HB0 show “Veep” and put them together and …it works perfectly.

If you’ve never seen “Veep,” you’re missing out.

Here’s an example of how the program ends an episode followed by the Twitter user’s work:

Here’s the Twitter user’s work:

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