Liberal threatens conservative commentator Dana Loesch’s children; Twitter does absolutely nothing

Disagreeing with one another, seeing things differently and expressing those views in a positive, healthy manner is what our country was founded upon. But when threats of physical violence against the children of ones political opponents are made, well then there is no possible room for discourse.

That’s exactly what happened to conservative commentator and radio host Dana Loesch.

Loesch was simply commenting on the fact that the location where Sunday’s Florida shooting took place was a gun free zone.

Check out her initial tweet below:

Innocent enough, right? What’s wrong for advocating for a policy position, correct?  Well, apparently there was a lot wrong with it as liberal Twitter users absolutely lost their minds and sent some of the ugliest and nastiest messages you’re likely to ever see.

It triggered one Twitter so much that he even threatened the lives of her children.


Not only was this an actual thought, but then he thought it was completley acceptable to write this out and then to actually publish this vile, sickening threat for the entire world.

However, unfortunately things don’t stop there. Get things: Twitter did absolutely nothing about. They didn’t suspend him, didn’t mute his account. No, they didn’t do a thing.


But it doesn’t end there, check out these other vile responses Loesch received:


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