The Onion callously mocks Meghan McCain about dying father, Sen. John McCain, receives backlash

Comedy, if used properly and effectively, can be a tool. It can help shine the light on some kind of injustice, help process feelings such as anger and grief, and entertain, helping to take our minds off of troubles for a certain period of time. Instead, the people at the satirical news website, The Onion, just showed they are tools.

On Friday, Sen. John McCain’s family announced that the ailing Arizona senator has decided to discontinue medical treatment. McCain is currently battling brain cancer.

However, instead of simply letting a family grief over their family member’s impending death, The Onion saw the announcement as the perfect opportunity to take a cold, cruel and unfunny shot at both Meghan McCain and her father.

Well, as hilarious as what the writers at The Onion must have thought their headline was, others weren’t laughing. They backlash was swift and immediate.

However, unbelievably there were some people who seemed to actually take delight in the fact a man is dying and a family is grieving.

I understand that comedy often comes from dark places and believe no topics should be off limits. But if we can’t show just a little bit of sympathy to a dying man and his family, what does that say about our society? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

Even if you 100 percent disagree with the man and his politics, celebrating the man’s impending death and poking fun at his family over it, is absolutely insane. Has our political climate gotten this toxic that we can’t even show a tad bit of humanity and then? Apparently so.

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