Report: New York the least free state in the country

As Americans, freedom is kind of a big deal. It’s the bedrock, the foundation of the USA’s entire existence. Our four fathers came over from across the pond because they weren’t having much fun and frankly didn’t appreciate the lack of…well freedom.

So, out of all that unhappiness came the United States of America. It’s a place where you have the right to choose how you live, where you work, who you associate with, how and if you worship.

However, apparently even in the United States of America, the amount of freedom can vary differently among our 50 states.

For instance, according to the study from the CATO Institute, New York is the least free state in the Union.

The study says:

Economic freedom is the most significant weakness, but the state has not kept up with the rest of the country on personal freedom either.

It goes on to mention the other troubling areas for the Empire State:

Tobacco freedom is the worst in the country because of smoking bans and stratospheric taxes ($4.30 a pack in 2015 dollars in 2016). Since 2014, localities have actually enacted total prohibition for 18-to 20-year-olds. New York is perhaps the worst state for homeschoolers, and it has no private or public school choice programs.

New York state also seems to have issues with firearms as well:

Gun rights are hedged about with all kinds of restrictions, but it is possible with some effort to get a concealed-carry license in some parts of the state.

Another shocking statistic from the study, New York coming in at the least free state in the country isn’t an anomaly, it’s held that position since 2000.

Now, you’re probably asking yourselves, what are the most free states?  Well take a gander at these freedom-loving states:

5. Nevada

4. Colorado

3.  Indiana

2. New Hampshire

1.  Florida

To checkout the study, click here.

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