Reboots abound: Classic TV show ‘Bewitched’ getting reboot treatment

You get a reboot! You get a reboot! Everyone gets a reboooot! While that may be in jest, it’s honestly not too far from the truth.

After Fuller House, American Idol, Murphy Brown, Roseanne, and host of other once-retired programs are now back or on their way back to our televisions.

Now, it’s been announced another show is making a comeback, Bewitched. However, because in order to recycle and reuse an old show, something has to be changed…you know because then it’s kind of original. This time, Samantha will be an African-American, who marries Darren, who will depicted as “kind of a slacker.”

The show is currently in development at ABC and will be produced Black-ish creator Kenya Barris.

Unlike most shows that have or are getting the reboot treatment, Bewitched hasn’t been on for decades. So, it’ll introduce the classic program to an audience completely unfamiliar with the characters and is likely to do well, at least early.

If nothing else, it cannot possibly be as bad as that terrible Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman Bewitched flick a few years ago.

So the next logical question is what show will be next to be started back up? I Dream of Genie? MASH? I Love Lucy? Gilligan’s Island? Married with Children?

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