Woman’s profane tweets about landing NASA internship get her in hot water

Social media is a double-edged sword. You can live by it, but not surprising, you can all die by it as well.

For instance, one young woman recently went to the social media site Twitter to express her utter enthusiasm for landing a highly-coveted internship with NASA.

Without thinking one bit before composing the tweet and hitting send, the woman ordered everyone to stop talking in a rather harsh, profane manner because she landed the position.

However, not everyone appreciated the instructions. The woman then doubled down, using even more profane instructions, but this time it didn’t end well. The person that she told to “suck her d*** and b****” is a member of the NASA Space Council.


The woman promptly lost her internship position. However, all is not lost. The man is apparently helping her land another position. 

This is a perfect example of just exercising just a little bit of caution and frankly, common sense before posting to social media.

Because, the more you know!


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