CNN commentator says toxic masculinity to blame for Mollie Tibbetts death

Last night, Symone D. Sanders, a commentator for CNN and Bernie Sanders’ former national press secretary, posted the most ridiculous Twitter thread about Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts’ death.

In a series of tweets, Sanders says Tibbetts’ accused killer’s immigration status doesn’t matter – it was toxic masculinity that drove him to commit murder.

Sanders fails to recognize that the root of the problem isn’t toxic masculinity at all – it’s the fact that a man broke the law to illegally enter a country then committed fraud to obtain employment. And then he murdered someone. It’s highly likely that better border security could have prevent Mollie’s death. How can liberals not see that??

Of course conservatives don’t think all immigrants are bad or that Cristhian Rivera represents an entire community of people. But the fact of the matter is, this murder, just like the murder of Katie Steinle or Colt’s player Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, likely would not have happened if  our immigration laws weren’t broken.

That’s not to say Rivera couldn’t have legally immigrated to the US and committed the same crime, but we have no way of knowing that. What we do know is that he was here illegally, and committed several other crimes once he entered the country.

Toxic masculinity has become a favorite term for feminists on the left. Somehow, normal “tough guy” male characteristics that most women are attracted to, has become evil. Feminists want men to become soft, more feminine and ignore their biological traits as providers and protectors because that somehow makes them a danger to women.

You know what’s really toxic to our culture? Not letting boys and girls embrace their biological differences and celebrating the fact that the sexes are uniquely designed to compliment each other.

Not everything boils down to sexism but the liberal feminists sure would have you believe it does.




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