‘Big Bang Theory’ set to end after season 12

Well, it’s official, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the rest of the gang are packing their bags and leaving our television sets.

And, let’s be honest, it’s way past time for the popular sitcom to go away. While the show still draws massive numbers, the writing for the last several seasons has become predictable. It’s basically become this decade’s version of the “Friends,” just with comic books and superheroes.

All of the characters are now in stable, committed relationships, with even some of the characters becoming parents. I mean, Sheldon Cooper, the robot-like character who has trouble relating to people, is set to get married to the lovable, but insanely socially awkward Amy Farrah Fowler.

I understand that characters  and people naturally have to progress and grow, the change in the characters has drastically altered the show itself. In the early seasons of the show, the majority of the comedy came from Howard, Raj and Leonard trying to get with women. Give those guys wives and/or girlfriends and the comedic opportunities are limited. But seriously, what do you expect after 12 years?

Also, another, factor, probably the reason is coming to an end is that the show’s star, Jim Parsons wanted to walk away. He reportedly wants to do other things. While wanting to walk away after playing the same character for 12 years is understandable, he was getting a $1 million an episode. Not a bad paycheck at all.

Thankfully, the network understood that without Sheldon Cooper there is no “Big Bang Theory.”

Nevertheless, it will be sad to see the show and the character go away. It’s no doubt an end of a television era.



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