VIDEO: Rapper Cardi B shares pro-life message at MTV Video Music Awards

Rapper Cardi B recently gave birth to a baby girl and at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, took home several trophies.

However in her acceptance speech, she gives a very feminist AND pro-life message about balancing motherhood with a career.

“A couple of months ago, a lot of people were saying, you know, you’re gambling your career, you’re about to have a baby, what are you doing?” Cardi B said after receiving her award for Best New Artist. “And you know, I had a baby, I carried the baby. And now, I’m still winning awards!”

Watch the first part of the video below to see her acceptance speech.

Back in April, Cardi B told people that those around her tried to pressure her into an abortion because she was at the top of her career and wouldn’t be able to balance having a baby and a career – a common argument from pro-abortion supporters.

She didn’t listen to them and disclosed in an interview she “didn’t want to deal” with abortion regret and said being told to choose between a career and a baby “disgusts me.”

Good for her.

Cardi B is far from conservative but it’s nice to hear a Hollywood celebrity share a pro-life message every once in a while.

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