Bill Maher defends Alex Jones, surprises his audience, guests

Bill Maher recently defended Alex Jones, the Info Wars host and conspiracy theorist, on a recent episode of his HBO program, “Real Time with Bill Maher.” In the clip, Maher’s panel is discussing free speech when Alex Jones’ name comes up.  Jones, as you may remember, has been kicked off several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and the Apple Store.

Before going into his statement about Jones, Maher reiterates that Jones was recently kicked off those sites, much to the delight of his audience who begin cheering wildly. Also, former Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm can be heard saying “Thanks God.”

However, Maher states that while he doesn’t like Jones and that Jones has even said somethings against him, Jones still has the right to free speech and that “If you’re a liberal, you’re supposed to care about free speech.”

Check out the clip below:

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