Netflix cancels ‘comedian’ Michelle Wolf’s show

Get ready, because abortion-loving, men-hating feminazis have most certainly found their newest cause: accusing Netflix of blatant and obvious sexism.

Why? Well, the streaming service recently aborted “comedian” Michelle Wolf’s program,”The Break with Michelle Wolf.”

Now, you may be asking ‘well, what were the ratings for Ms. Wolf’s show? Did it merit cancellation?’ Both fair and obvious questions, but Netflix doesn’t release ratings for their programming.  So, we’re not sure how poorly the show performed.

But let’s be real for a minute, if people were actually watching her show, do you really think Netflix would’ve axed it? C’mon, Netflix is in the business of making money. Plus, they also canned “The Joel Mchale Show with Joel Mchale,” despite it being a show featuring a white male with a title that just rolls right off the tongue.

If you’ve never caught a second of Ms. Wolf’s program, which apparently, is most of the population, here’s a little bit of some of her best stuff:

Funny, knee-slapping stuff, right? Well, the execs over at Netflix apparently didn’t think so.

But hey, Michelle, just remember, much like your view on abortion, cancelling a show isn’t killing a show, it’s just stopping a show from happening.


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