New Kevin Spacey film opened Friday, made embarrassing $126

Kevin Spacey is not a popular dude. Following allegations of sexual harassment, assault and attempted rape spanning decades, the Academy Award-winning actor was fired from the popular Netflix series House of Cards and has been either […]


Michigan Democratic lawmaker uses racial slur to refer to Asian opponent, apologizes…kind of

Here’s something that is going to absolutely blow some minds: Turns out Democrats are capable of racist language, too.  Hope you’re paying attention MSNBC, CNN and New York Times. Apparently, Bettie Cook Scott, a Michigan […]

Netflix cancels ‘comedian’ Michelle Wolf’s show

Get ready, because abortion-loving, men-hating feminazis have most certainly found their newest cause: accusing Netflix of blatant and obvious sexism. Why? Well, the streaming service recently aborted “comedian” Michelle Wolf’s program,”The Break with Michelle Wolf.” […]