Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz endorses Republican Mike Braun

The race between incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly and challenger Republican Mike Braun is one race sure to get more and more national attention as we move closer and closer to November.

Why? Well, Donnelly’s seat is an easy target for Republicans. Indiana is a fairly red state and went overwhelmingly for Trump. Democrat Donnelly has cast some votes that are going to hurt him with Hoosiers for sure.

Either way, look for both parties and many, many PACS to become heavily invested in this race.  In addition to commercials and money, another common way to swing voters are endorsements. And Mike Braun just got what is likely the biggest endorsement thus far in the race for Indiana’s senate seat.

Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach, wrote a column in which he provided his ringing endorsement of Braun.

In part, Holtz writes:

I trust Mike Braun to go to Washington and represent what is in the best interest of the people of Indiana and continue being guided by the philosophies that have been so successful for him as a state senator.

He goes on to say:

Mike is an individual who knows how to win and that you do this by helping other people get what they want.


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