Nearly $100,000 worth of Ramen Noodles stolen in Georgia

In what is likely to be the most bizarre thing you’ll read all day, an insane amount of Ramen Noodles were stolen in Georgia.¬† Close to $100,000 dollars worth of the high-sodium treat was swiped, actually.

But according to FOX 5, that’s not even weirdest part of this whole story. The deputies down in Georgia aren’t even sure when exactly this theft happened. They believe it happened sometime between July 25 and Aug. 1.

Really? How do you not notice that that many packages of that artificial goodness is missing? Seriously, just quickly doing the math and a $100,000 dollars worth of Ramen Noodles equals approximately every package of that cholesterol-raising treat ever made.

Seems like you’d notice that much product missing, right?

Wherever those packages maybe, whoever may have them, just know that college students and single men every where are suffering because of your cold, cruel and callous deed. Ramen Noodles are meant to be shared, not hoarded.

Remember, your actions have consequences whether you see it or not.

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