Body Scanners coming to a subway near you

As if our privacy hasn’t been invaded enough by TSA, now commuters who use the metro public transportation system in Los Angeles will be scanned before getting on the train. L.A. served as a test market for the new security system and Americans can expect to see other major cities jump on board as well.

TSA says the new technology “will scan you as you walk by. They scan your naturally occurring body waves looking for any indication of concealed weapons or explosive devices. This new technology will augment our aggressive safety and security posture and help us proactively deter potential attacks to our system.” (CNN)

During a media event held yesterday, L.A. Metro stated that the scanners do not “emit radiation of any kind and no anatomical details are displayed. The device allows law enforcement agents and Metro Security to screen rail and bus patrons without disrupting foot traffic and to take decisive, pre-emptive action if suspicious items are found.”

L.A. Metro rules already prohibit weapons of any kind on buses, trains or platforms, so it would seem that conceal carry permit holders are out of luck if they want to bring their legally obtained firearm with them when they ride on public transportation.


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