Customers shoot, kill armed robbery suspect in Indy

“For what reason do citizens need to arm themselves?” That’s often a question asked by a Democrat elected official, an MSNBC, CNN journalist, and/or some-has-been celebrity after a mass shooting.

Well, an incident Saturday in Indianapolis is one reason why citizens may need to arm themselves. According to WISH-TV, a man entered a gas station on the city’s northeast side with the intention of robbing the place with the use of a firearm.

The man apparently entered the store displayed the gun and was shot and killed by two customers in the store. The incident remains under investigation at this point.

I know you may be thinking, but ‘This is Indianapolis. This isn’t normal. Murders and shooting deaths don’t happen every day in places like Indianapolis. The customers did not need to use lethal force.’  Ok, being put in that same position, what would you do? Are you going to take your chances? Or would you rather have a gun or at least know someone in that establishment has a gun to combat the criminal with a gun?

While fatal shootings don’t happen every day in Indy, they are happening at an alarming rate.

Ever heard of the east side of Indianapolis?

Want proof? Check out this story from FOX 59 about seven shootings in the Circle City in 12 hours in July of this year.  WIBC also has a write up about the increase in murders in Indianapolis.

Shootings in Indianapolis continue to reach record highs.  Let’s remember this is Indianapolis, not Chicago where 13 people were shot and killed and 72 were injured over a WEEKEND in the Windy City.

You may be asking ‘Well, what is the city and/or mayor doing to combat Indy’s rise in fatal shootings?’

That’s a great question and no one is really sure, but 2016 and 2017 both set records for the number of fatal shootings in the Circle City. Now, 2018 looks to be on the way to topping 2017’s numbers.





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