Twitter Hasn’t Suspended Alex Jones and Here’s Why

Social media giants Facebook, Spotify, Apple and YouTube have all banned Alex Jones, the conspiracy therorist behind InfoWars, for hate speech. Facebook claims Jones repeatedly violated community standards and an Apple spokesperson told Buzzfeed, “Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users.”

YouTube and Spotify also cite hate speech as their reason behind pulling the plug on Jones’ accounts.

However, Twitter has not followed suit and today caused outrage in the liberal community. Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey explained why on his personal account today.

Dorsey will also reportedly be on Hannity’s radio show to discuss their decision.

This may come as a surprise to conservatives who have been accusing the Twitter platform of shadow banning their Tweets.

One thought on “Twitter Hasn’t Suspended Alex Jones and Here’s Why”

  1. Kudos to @Jack for not giving in to the mob mindset by casually throwing around a vague term like “hate speech” and using it to justify banning Alex Jones. I don’t have any regard for Jones or the whataboutism he uses to defend his pet theories when questioned, but do hold contempt for people who use a platform like Twitter to press for what amounts to corporate censorship and the companies that give in to their caterwauling in exchange for a little good PR. Hopefully, Dorsey can inspire others to fight the mob that claimed James Gunn and tried to topple Samantha Bee.

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