Trump Tweets Against 3D Printed Guns

Tomorrow, it will be legal to download blueprints for using a 3D printer to make guns at home. But ahead of the new ruling by the justice department, President Trump seems to be pushing back. A few hours ago, he tweeted this:

Many gun control advocates have expressed concern over someone having the ability to make a weapon at home. Actress Alyssa Milano stated in an op-ed to CNN today,

Imagine the damage one of these guns, even if it was only capable of firing one shot, could do aboard a plane. Or in a government office. Or in your child’s classroom.

This is part of the larger problem of ghost guns. These guns are made from DIY kits, which have no serial number, require no background check and are currently fully legal due to loopholes in our laws. An internet search on ghost guns tells a terrifying tale: headlines of gangs stocking up on these untraceable weapons. Of states with strict gun laws like Massachusetts confiscating hundreds of these guns. Of a tide of guns we don’t know are out there and we don’t know how to trace.

However, Stephen Gutowski, a writer for Free Beacon, Tweeted a long thread explain how everything people are hearing about 3D printed guns is false.


So far the NRA has not responded to the President.


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