Indianapolis Bakery Now Selling a “Mike Pence” Cupcake with Rainbow Sprinkles

Gen Con, one of the biggest gamer conventions in the nation, kicks off this week in Indianapolis. Ahead of the popular convention, which sells out annually, local bakery The Flying Cupcake has released their list of special treats with nerdy themes.

But on that list is a puzzling choice that does not fit in with the Game of Thrones, My Little Pony or Star Wars themed cupcakes: the Mike Pence.

The list was published on their Instagram earlier today and the cupcake named after the former Indiana governor and current VP is described as a “vanilla confetti cake with Rainbow decor and glitter.”

It’s an obvious nod to Pence’s views on same-sex marriage and probably also alludes to the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act which allowed businesses to refuse service to same sex couples. Pence signed the bill back in 2015 and Gen Con threatened to move their convention, but ultimately decided to remain in the Circle City.

Shortly after the initial bill passed, Pence signed a “fix”.


The Flying Cupcake has the best cupcakes in Indianapolis. It’s unlikely their business will be hurt by the “Mike Pence” cupcake but as you can see in their Instagram comments, some fans of the establishment just want to eat cake without politics thrown in.

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