Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to ‘flip seat red’

Just because someone puts a camera in your face and presses record doesn’t mean you’re obligated to speak. In fact, most people would be better off if they said much, much less. For example: the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans, New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This young lady has been seemingly every where and it hasn’t always..well, it’s gone bad, very, very bad. Check out her answer on the Middle East, also her take on the economy isn’t much better.

But never fear, it appears the Democrats will just continue to put this 28-year-old who appears to be clearly out of her depth in front of crowds and cameras.

Her latest blunder isn’t much better. Ocasio-Cortez was recently out in Kansas with Sen. Bernie Sanders stumping for a candidate…because who really knows why…and she said this lovely little gem.

Listen, I get it everyone makes mistakes, they say what they didn’t mean, slip ups happen. But why in the world, would you ever post this? Why would Bernie’s team put this on social media for all to see?  Oh, well some gifts you don’t ask “why,” you just accept them and move on.


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