Netflix’s New Anti-Harassment Rules Prohibit Employees from Looking at Each Other for More than Five Seconds

Netflix recently re-vamped workplace rules for their employees, adding on some pretty difficult to follow anti-harassment policies. Under those new policies, employees cannot look at each other for more than five seconds and according to the Sun, if you feel bothered by a co-worker, you should shout “Stop! Don’t do that again!”

Also inappropriate: asking for another co-workers phone number, lingering hugs or touching for prolonged periods of time, flirting and asking someone out on a date more than once.

In a statement to the Independent, Netflix said  “We’re proud of the anti-harassment training we offer to our productions. We want every Netflix production to be a safe and respectful working environment. We believe the resources we offer empower people on our sets to speak up, and shouldn’t be trivialized.”

That’s great, but some of these are pretty ridiculous and hard to follow. Who counts the number of seconds you look at someone? What if you are filming something for Netflix and you can’t look at your actors for more than five seconds? How are you going to be able to do your job and follow that rule?

It’s also kind of silly to encourage employees to start shouting at each other on the job. I think a firm response to negative behavior is probably a better one and people are smart enough to know what to do without having to have company rules to tell them so.

And what happens if you need a co-workers phone number for work reasons? Has no one from Netflix ever had to call their boss at home to say they’d be out sick the next day? It’s unrealistic to prohibit employees to exchange numbers for non-dating purposes.

This is probably something a lawyer told them they needed to have in place in the wake of the #MeToo movement and people have a right to feel comfortable in the workplace, but some of these rules are just too silly to take seriously.

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