Photo of Immigrant Child in Cage is from a Staged Protest

You may have seen this photo of an immigrant child locked in a cage circulating on the internet with some sort of caption about Trump’s immigration policies. However, despite what your liberal friends are telling you, this photo is actually from a protest and the child in the cage IS NOT being detained by ICE as others would have you believe.

The photo began circulating on Twitter when filmaker Jose Antonio Vargas tweeted with the caption, “This is what happens when a government believes people are illegal.”

Some followers inquired about the source to which he replied, “saw it on a FB friend’s timeline but looking for confirmation Has anyone seen it elsewhere.”

Even liberal leaning Snopes confirms that the photo was miscaptioned and was actually from a protest on June 10th. In that photo set which was shared on Facebook, the same boy can later on be seen out of the cage and running around.


Facts matter, people. Don’t share things without first finding out the source.

4 thoughts on “Photo of Immigrant Child in Cage is from a Staged Protest”

    1. Our facts are straight. This isn’t about those kids – this is about a dishonest photo circulating the internet.

      What’s happening to families and children at the border is horrible but it’s also not ok to use fake photos to spread a message.

      1. It would have been a better article if you had included that info instead of just blasting the mis-sourced photo as if the entire story were false.

  1. Your another dim wit lib teacher (and I use the term teacher lightly) who does no research other then listening to Ms Maddcow and CNN spew shit from sea to shining sea. I’ll also bet Trump wins in 2020 and we hold the house and congress in the midterms as you morons only have Stormy Daniels and David Hogg representing you and your non principals. Would you tell me what the Dems have done for America since Trump took office I really want to know.

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