Could California Be Split into Three States?

A proposal to split the state of California into three states has received enough signatures that it will make it on to the ballot this fall. Residents of “The Golden State” will vote on the referendum on November 6.

According to the Los Angeles Times, here’s what the state would look like if the referendum passes.

If a majority of voters who cast ballots agree, a long and contentious process would begin for three separate states to take the place of California, with one primarily centered around Los Angeles and the other two divvying up the counties to the north and south. Completion of the radical plan — far from certain, given its many hurdles at judicial, state and federal levels — would make history. …

The proposal aims to invoke Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, the provision guiding how an existing state can be divided into new states. Draper’s plan calls for three new entities — Northern California, California and Southern California — which would roughly divide the population of the existing state into thirds.

Northern California would consist of 40 counties stretching from Oregon south to Santa Cruz County, then east to Merced and Mariposa counties. Southern California would begin with Madera County in the Central Valley and then wind its way along the existing state’s eastern and southern spine, comprising 12 counties and ultimately curving up the Pacific coast to grab San Diego and Orange counties.

Tim Draper, a billionaire venture capitalist,  is behind the idea, saying that “Three states will get us better infrastructure, better education and lower taxes.”

He has tried to do this before – and failed –  but last time was proposing that California be split into SIX states, instead of three.

More information about the idea can be found on Draper’s website.

An interesting idea, but what would that mean for the country as a whole? Each new state would get two new senators. That could possibly mean more Democrats in the Senate, which would most definitely have an impact on America for generations to come.



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