Woman Throws Water on Tomi Lahren As She Leaves Restaurant

Fox News correspondent Tomi Lahren is on her Family, Freedom and Final Thoughts tour, speaking at different venues around the US. After a recent stop in Minneapolis, an angry snowflake threw a glass of water on her and screamed profanities as she was leaving a restaurant after having brunch with her parents.

Watch the NSFW video here.

She was on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the incident, saying “I’m tough, I can handle it.”

In addition to President Trump tweeting his support for her, Tomi is also finding support from some unlikely people, including Kathy Griffin?!?

Tomi is not my favorite person. She doesn’t do well in off scripted moments or seem to really have any original thoughts of her own and let’s face it, she’s probably only on Fox because of her looks. Her pro-choice views make her a poor representation of the conservative movement and I wish people would stop turning her into some kind of poster girl for the right.

But this kind of behavior is not the way to express how you feel about someone. It’s disrespectful and the fact that some of it hit her mother too, makes it even worse.

Disagree with someone all you want, but don’t stoop that level. People should be allowed to go out for brunch with their family without getting attacked by crazy resisters.

Next time someone wants to spar with Tomi, take Sarah Rumpf of RedState’s approach and hit her with words, not water.

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