NFL Will Fine Teams if Players Kneel During National Anthem

The National Football League has decided to put a stop to players kneeling on the field during the National Anthem.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement today saying that a new policy has been adapted and players who wish to kneel during the National Anthem will need to remain in the locker room. If they don’t comply, teams will be disciplined.

Read the official statement and new rules here.

More than likely this is just a business decision, as the NFL lost network viewership over the player protests at an alarming rate last year. Fans were critical of the lack of response from the league over what they viewed as an unpatriotic act.

As expected, some people aren’t happy with the decision, though.

If you’re a football fan who stopped watching because you felt kneeling during the National Anthem was unpatriotic, will you tune in when the season kicks off this fall? Or are you done with the NFL altogether?

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