Sean Hannity revealed to be Michael Cohen client

In a New York court room Monday, it was revealed that Fox News commentator Sean Hannity is a client of Micheal Cohen. Hannity was referred to as Cohen’s “secret third client.” Cohen’s other two clients: President Donald Trump and GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy.

Broidy has since admitted to having a relationship with a Playboy playmate and then paying her $1.6 million after learning she was pregnant. Cohen helped arrange the transaction. Of course, you already know Cohen has admitted to paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 prior to the 2016 election.

Now, this new revelation of Hannity being a Cohen client comes after last week’s FBI raid of Cohen’s home and office, in which documents and business records were seized. The Department of Justice has since revealed that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer has been under investigation for several months for business dealings

Following Monday’s news, Hannity sent out a number of tweets defending himself.

This is just another strange turn in this long legal battle, in which Fox News’ biggest star is now entangled.

This obviously brings to mind a number of questions: Simply for transparency’s sake, why didn’t Hannity just reveal he was a client of Cohen’s? What will the network do, if anything? What exactly did Cohen do for Hannity? Is this why Hannity has been completely and unabashedly sold out to Donald Trump since he announced his run for president?

My guess: Hannity will soon be taking a “pre-planned, weeklong vacation” in the hopes that this story dies down.

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