Comedian T.J. Miller is dumb, to say the least

You may not be familiar with the name T. J. Miller, but it’s likely you’re familiar with some of his work.

He had a small role in the smash hit Deadpool and was up until recently, a central character on the HBO series, Silicon Valley. He also provided his voice to Ready Player One. Needless to say, the guy is on top of the world, at least career wise.

However, Miller, being the jokester as he apparently believes himself to be, called in a bomb threat in March. Miller relayed to a 911 dispatcher that a female passenger had a “bomb in her bag ” on an Amtrack train in New York.

It turned out to false and Miller was rightfully arrested on Tuesday. He’s since been released on $100,000 bond, but if convicted, faces five years in prison.

So, with everything Miller currently has going for him, it must be asked: Why do it? Why in the world would one of the biggest names in comedy put his entire career in jeopardy for  what appears to be a prank?

Is it boredom? Perhaps he was going to use it as a bit in his standup act? Or is the man really that stupid?

Whatever the reason, it’s always unbelievable and pretty sad to watch someone who seemingly has everything just throw it all away.

Some people just can’t handle fame, success and money and Miller appears to be another in a long line of destructive, talented performers.

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