Todd Rokita goes negative, dons odd-fitting MAGA hat in latest ad

If you didn’t already know, Congressman Todd Rokita is unabashedly “pro-Trump” and stands “firmly behind our president and Mike Pence.” And just in case you don’t believe his words, the candidate for U.S. Senate says all of this while sporting an odd-fitting Make American Great Again hate.

However, before he beats us over the head with message of being 100 percent sold out to Trump, he goes, but what else, negative.

Mike Braun is, according to Rokita a Democrat, having “voted for Obama or Hillary.” His campaign apparently isn’t sure which one he voted for, they are still working on that. Please, get back to them on it.

Then Rokita accuses Luke Messer of being a Rino. But just in case you aren’t sure what exactly what a Rino is, Rokita holds up a sign explaining it you.

The entire ad pretty much sums up the entire Rokita campaign up until this point: negative and unoriginal.


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