Ted Cruz May be in Trouble

We’ve been hearing about the coming Blue Wave. Democrats are still angry after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss and they’re trying to flip as many seats as they can in the midterm elections.

It looks like in Texas, Ted Cruz may be in for some trouble. Earlier this year, Gallup listed traditionally red Texas as competitive. Then, his Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke brought in more than 6 millions dollars in the first quarter of 2018 – a record setting figure. According to The Hill, O’Rourke has steadily been out raising Cruz for the past few quarters.

Cruz formally kicked off his re-election bid yesterday, debuting the slogan “Tough as Texas.”

From the Texas Tribune:

When Cruz took the stage, he spent a good chunk of his remarks recognizing a few heroic figures in attendances — people like Stephen Willeford, who sprang into action amid the church massacre last year in Sutherland Springs and helped take down the gunman by opening fire on him with his own gun.

“That’s Texas,” Cruz said after ticking through their acts of bravery. “Texas is strong, Texas is independent, Texas is fearless, Texas is free, Texas loves freedom and Texas is tough.”

“We don’t sit around waiting for some other guy to fix the problem,” Cruz added. “Texans step in and git ‘er done.”

O’Rourke seems pretty confident he can beat Cruz, and is holding numerous town halls across the Lone Star State in the coming weeks.

It’s pretty wild that we’re even considering a Republican might not win Texas but the GOP is in a pretty vulnerable stage – the younger generation is increasingly liberal and as people move out of California and in to more affordable states like Texas, we’re going to see a switch in voting patterns.

This is definitely one race to watch.


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