London’s Murder Rate Higher than New York City

The BBC reports that London is seeing a spike in violent crime and for the first time, their murder rate is now higher than New York City.

Of the 44 murder investigations that have been launched in 2018, 31 of those have been as a result of stabbings. The rest of the murders were gun deaths. According to The Independentfatal stabbings in England and Wales are now at their highest levels since 2011 – growing by 12 per cent in the year ending December 2017. Fatal stabbings are taking place every three days in London amid concerns of a resurgence of “postcode wars” between battling gangs.”

England has incredibly strict gun control laws. It’s virtually impossible to own a firearm unless you live out in the country and need it for self defense. Owning a gun is considered a privilege, not a right and there are numerous steps citizens have to take to even be approved to own one.

The police don’t even carry guns because they believe in policing by consent instead of force.

So while firearms deaths are minimal in the UK, it would appear that less guns don’t solve the murder and crime problem. Criminals will just stab you to death instead of shooting you.

What do you have to say to that gun control supporters?


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