Roseanne Returns with Massive Ratings

One of the 90s most popular shows returned to television last night with over 18 million viewers tuning in. According to ABC, those numbers are the highest rating for a comedy in four years, and even better ratings than NBC’s popular drama, This Is Us.

Roseanne‘s premier episode was heavy on the Hillary zingers and pretty accurately portrayed how some families have been dealing with opposite ends of the voting spectrum ever since the 2016 election: Roseanne voted for Trump but her sister Jackie supported Hillary. Their political differences turned personal, and the two sisters haven’t been speaking since election day.

There are jokes about Russia, fake news, deplorables, p*ssy hats, nasty women and a prayer at the dinner table thanks God for making America great again. Probably the funniest exchange between Roseanne and Jackie ended with Roseanne calling Hillary Clinton a “liar, liar pantsuit on fire!”

Interestingly enough, ABC was also home to Last Man Standing, which many conservatives insisted was canceled because star Tim Allen is a Republican. With the splash Roesanne has made in the ratings, coupled with the fact that Roseanne Barr has openly admitted that she supports President Trump, that really doesn’t appear to be the case. It makes no sense why ABC would cancel Tim Allen’s show because of political reasons, only to bring back a different show. It all came down to money and ratings…and the revival of American Idol.

Will Roseanne have long term success? Who knows, but conservatives seem to be pretty excited about once again having a show on television that caters to their views.

If 18 million people keep tuning in each week, it’s probably a sure bet to continue on the network for quite some time.






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