South Park creators: ‘We’re Republicans’

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created one of the most crude, vulgar and absolutely hilarious shows in television history: South Park.

If you aren’t familiar with South Park or its many, many characters such as Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Butters or Professor Chaos, where exactly have you been the last 20 years or so?

South ParkĀ has a knack for causing controversy, taking current events and going in a completely unexpected, even absurd direction with them.

In addition to being hilarious, the show is often thought-provoking, using comedy to make their, which generally don’t follow the typical Hollywood liberal, point of view.

Well, Stone and Parker have done it again, making waves in Hollywood.

According to a post from conservative author and radio host, Larry Elder, he recently introduced the pair before a liberal group that was honoring them with an award.

Anyway, the creators apparently surprised the group, saying “We’re Republicans. No, seriously, we’re Republicans.”

This is typical Stone and Parker, take someone’s expectations and turn them on themselves.

Whether they are actually Republicans, who knows. But one could easily make that because argument South Park generally espouses Republican/Libertarian views.


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