Daily Show Trolls Pro-Gun Rally in Montana

There was a pro-gun rally in Helena, Montana last week. About 150 or so people attended and it was a counter rally of sorts to the March for Our Lives event nationwide.

The Daily Show went there undercover and shot some pretty embarrassing video.

Roy Wood Jr. from “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central interviewed several of the rally-goers and made all gun owners look like conspiracy theory loving country bumpkins.

Wood also approach the podium to give a speech.

From the Great Falls Tribune:

Bowen Greenwood was serving as emcee at Saturday’s March for our Guns rally at the state Capitol in Helena when he was approached by someone who asked if a friend could talk.

Greenwood had opened up the mic to allow “young” people to speak to the 150 or so people assembled in support of Second Amendment right to bear arms amid nationwide March of our Lives rallies calling to an end to gun violence.

“It was a pretty nice speech, I thought,” said Greenwood, who introduced Wood saying “We are pushing the boundaries of young here.”

Greenwood said the rally was a success and “The Daily Show” often makes conservatives look foolish.

“But it is what it is,” he said.

Obviously The Daily Show did this for comedic purposes but it would have been nice for a balanced perspective to show that not all the marchers at the March for Life know what they’re talking about either.

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