Controversial New Abortion Bill Signed into Law by Indiana Governor Holcomb

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb signed a new bill that requires medical providers who treat women for complications arising from abortions to report detailed patient information to the state.

From the AP:

The Republican governor signed the measure without fanfare Sunday, shortly before leaving the country for a multi-day trade mission to Canada.

Supporters said the law, which takes full effect in July, will ensure abortions are provided safely in the state. But opponents argued that it’s overly burdensome and will further stigmatize abortion, which has lower complication rates than many other standard procedures.

The ACLU is reviewing the bill and will most likely sue the state as they have in the past over bills former governor Mike Pence signed into law.

This year’s measure will require doctors, hospitals and clinics to report to the State Department of Health about a wide range of complications. That includes serious medical conditions — like kidney failure, cardiac arrest, hemorrhaging and blood clots — as well as depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Other provisions in the measure will require annual inspections of abortion clinics and legalize the use of “baby boxes” in fire departments, which allow a parent to give up an infant anonymously and without fear of penalty.

Holcomb praised the measure for doing what the other states have been doing.

“This bill does what 27 other states have done to gather information on these procedures without restricting access to them,” the governor said in a statement.

As to be expected, people are losing their minds. One feminist even stated that women have more rights under Sharia law than women have in some states. Others are comparing Indiana to The Handmaid’s Tale.



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