Revolving door within Trump administration continues; McMaster out, Bolton in

Staff turnover within the Trump administration continues as H.R. McMaster is being replaced with John Bolton as national security adviser.

The mustached-one, Bolton, a Fox News commentator, previously served in the W. administration as ambassador to the United Nations. He’ll take over the post from McMaster, who is set to resign.

Bolton will be Trump’s third national security adviser. McMaster accepted the position after it was discovered that Trump’s first national security advisor had lied to Vice President Pence about his discussions with the Russians.

Whatever your feelings about Bolton’s hawkish positions towards antagonistic countries, the amount of turnover in this administration is pretty astounding.

There’s already been two chiefs of staff, will be two secretary of states, two heads of the CIA and soon-to-be three different national security advisers.

At this point, Pence must be constantly checking Trump’s personal Twitter feed in order to learn if he still he has a job.

While Trump may have been on The Apprentice, his administration looks more like Survivor. Who will be the next voted off?



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