Trump congratulates Putin on election win, upset about leak

Vladimir Putin will be the top guy in the Russian government for at least the next six years. Putin recently won re-election with more than 75 percent of the vote, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyone who thought that Putin wouldn’t be re-elected is fooling themselves. Russia really doesn’t have, what is referred to as “free and open” elections.

Regardless, this is not the only release why Putin’s re-election has gained attention as of late.

Apparently, in a call with the Russian leader, President Trump actually congratulated the former KGB agent on his re-election. Why the orange one felt compelled to give Putin a pat on the back for his sham win, escapes me.

Others, including Sen. McCain, are also bewildered as to why Trump would do such a thing.

But things get worse for President Trump. Apparently, Trump received national security briefing papers specifically instructing him not to do give Putin a pat on the back.

Now Trump is said to be furious about the leak. Fine. Sure. He should be upset. But why in the world did someone have to tell the president it probably wasn’t the best of ideas to tell congratulate Putin? Why was that necessary? Should’ve been a matter of common sense, right?

Then one has to ask why did Trump feel compelled to ignore that advice? Makes no sense, none.



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