Stoneman Douglas Students Bring Weapons to School

Two students from the Marjory Douglas Stoneman high school in Florida were arrested for bringing weapons to school. After last month’s shooting, you’d think this would be the last place you’d see this happening again.

From CBS:

Jordan Salter, 18, is one of two students arrested for bringing a knife to school.

According to an arrest form, during an argument with another student, “Jordan reached inside of her bra and pulled out a 2″ black handle knife, unfolded the knife and showed it” to the student she was arguing with.

According to Broward County Sheriff’s Office, 17-year-old Gavin Stricker, a 10th grader, was also arrested after “a nine inch knife was found in his backpack. Mr. Stricker was placed into custody and transported to JARC.”

A third student whose name has not been released was removed from class because of a Snap Chat post that showed the student with a handgun in his waistband as well as several bullets.

Also from the CBS article:

BSO says the student stated the picture was, “of a BB gun and the bullets were his father’s.”

The student “…goes by a gamer tag name he created called, ‘NickCruz’. He uses this gamer tag in the game Fortnite.”

The student has been committed for a psychological evaluation.

Sheriff Israel, who for some reason is still employed with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, responded to the incident on Twitter.

As of yet, the students from Parkland who are at the forefront of the #NeverAgain and #MarchforOurLives movements haven’t responded to the latest incident at their high school.





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