Kroger Pulling Gun Magazines from Stores

This is getting ridiculous.

Kroger announced that it will pull popular gun magazines from their store shelves. Fifty-seven titles including Guns and Ammo, Firearm News, Recoil and S.W.A.T.  will no longer be sold in any of Kroger’s grocery store chains.

In the past few years, magazine sales have been dwindling, so this is sure to hurt the publishers even more.

From, Jim Shepherd of The Outdoor Wire says, ““In many locations, grocery stores are essentially the only remaining newsstands of any size and comprehensive variety. They’re the single best link between publishers and their potential readers. If your titles are removed, you lose the potential to reach those readers. Without those sites, your distribution universe is also diminished. Lower distribution means lower revenues and already-tight numbers become even more constricting.”

So now gun control advocates don’t even want you to read about firearms.

It’s starting to look like Fahrenheit 451 wasn’t too far fetched.


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