Rokita campaign releases first TV ad

Indiana’s May Republican primary is inching ever closer. And as such, the candidates will become more and more visible in the coming weeks, if they have the funds to do so.

The Todd Rokita campaign recently released their first campaign ad of the primary season and well….just watch for yourself.

In a campaign in which all three Republican candidates have essentially said that if elected, they will become Donald Trump’s lapdog, Rokita outdoes them all…in just 30 seconds.

In the ad, after flashing images of Hillary, Obama, Colin Kaepernick kneeling and people rioting in the streets, Rokita proceeds to tell us he’s pro-life, pro-gun and is emphatically “pro-Trump.”

The campaign manages to hit every big major talking point complete with total Republican imagery. He fires an AR-15, dons a Trump MAGA hat, holds a beer, walks through a cornfield with a shot of Arlington Cemetery.  Really, the only things missing from the ad are baseball, apple pie and the campaign’s dumb slogan “Defeat the Elite.”

– BZ


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