DICK’S Sporting Goods Taking Action on “Assault Weapons”

According to a statement posted on DICK’S Sporting Goods Facebook page, the mega outdoor store retailer will stop selling assault weapons.

Saying “thoughts and prayers are not enough”, DICKS is removing assault style weapons from their stores, will not sell any firearm to people under 21, will not sell bump stocks and is also removing high capacity magazines from their stores.

They are also planning to lobby politicians for more gun control.

This is an extremely bold move on the company’s part and comes in the wake of the backlash from other companies that are cutting ties with the NRA.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Dick’s has done this.

However, the gun control crowd is downright gleeful over this news. Will be interesting to see how this affects their sales of other sporting goods as it’s likely to anger many of the store’s patrons who are law abiding and legal gun owners.


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