Trump proposes new gun control measures

A little over a week ago a teenager in Florida entered a school and ruthlessly murdered 17 people, using a gun to snuff out those lives. Since then the horrible images of have been replayed and replayed on basically any and every news channel.

It’s absolutely mind boggling to think someone can so callously just take someone’s life. No doubt a tragedy, one our nation is not likely to forget any time soon.

But not surprising and almost immediately, liberals and Democrats began calling for increased gun control measures. The NRA and anyone even remotely associated with the organization was demonized. Everything was right on cue, not a big surprise.

However, likely the biggest surprise, the one most probably didn’t see coming was President Trump’s proposed gun control measures.

Using his medium of choice, Trump rolled out proposals on Twitter Thursday morning.

While his call for push for stronger comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health isn’t likely to ruffle many feathers of those who make up base, his two other proposals could, possibly.

“Raise age to 21 and end sale of bump stocks.”  It will be interesting to see if his support among his most ardent supporters wanes at all in the coming days. My guess: his base is solidly behind him, but who knows.

While most likely had not even heard of a bump stock until last year’s massacre in Las Vegas, raising the age of gun ownership to 21 is a whole other subject.

While I agree something has to be done, telling someone they can’t own a firearm until they reach the drinking the age may not be the answer.

If nothing else, at least Trump is proposing something. Now will anything actually happen and if so, will it make any difference? Your guess is as good as mine.


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