McDonald’s: the ‘healthy meal’

Americans have a love affair with food. Of course, they love eating it, shoving it down their throat as they quickly scour their plate for the next piece of meat or bite of cake. They also love making it or at least watching others make it. We seriously have an entire channel dedicated to food.

Being so passionate about food, Americans can be a bit touchy about their breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch.  I mean who hasn’t seen someone absolutely lose their mind, scream at their TGI Friday’s waitress because their burger came with onions on the sandwich and not on the side. Being full aware of this obsession with our food, McDonald’s had to know that any attempts to change to American institution that is the Happy Meal would be met with strong feelings.

In case you weren’t aware, the Golden Arches is dropping the cheeseburger from the Happy Meal. Why would one of America’s most beloved fast food establishments do such a thing? Well, McDonald’s says they are attempting to become healthier, looking to cut down on the saturated fats, calories and sugar children get at their restaurant.

Fine. They’re a privately owned business, they can do what they want.

The people blaming the business for changing this are absolutely wrong.  They are simply responding to the stupidity of people who feed their child McDonald’s on a regular basis and then wonder why little Timmy can’t get through the doorway.

And there was also that movie about 10 years where the idiot ate nothing McDonald’s for a month and then was surprised it destroyed his body. Big surprise, I know.

I mean people are eating laundry detergent. It’s become such a problem that the state of New York has bill that would require the to make Tide pods less appetizing. Not sure about you, but I’ve never looked at a Tide Pod and thought that would probably make a nice appetizer, warm up the palette before that prime rib.

We can’t seem to take care of ourselves, so businesses are starting to respond.




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