CNN puts Holocaust denier candidate on air because….?

CNN host Alisyn Camerota recently had Arthur Jones, a GOP candidate for office Illinois’ third district, on her show. Currently, there are no other Republican candidates running against Mr. Jones.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Jones, he holds some pretty despicable, disgusting views. He’s a Holocaust-denier, a former (and possibly, current) Nazi leader and appears to, at least in the CNN interview, believe the Jews are to blame for wars in the Middle East.

See what I mean, he’s an obviously hate-filled man with repulsive and racist views. A simple Google search of Jones will turn up tons of articles about the sickening views he holds.

Camerota and Jones spend the entire segment basically yelling at one another. Anyone with more than two brain cells knew this was a segment that was just going to end in a shouting match.

Camerota tells Jones how racist he is, how the Illinois GOP and the National GOP have both put out statements distancing themselves from Jones and Jones proceeds to talk about “the Jew media” and calls the Holocaust “poppycock.”

Nothing surprising.  But for some reason, producers at CNN felt the need to give the man national airtime, a platform to espouse his disgusting views. These kind of racist, hateful views have no place in society.

Who in their right mind would book this guy? Having him on air provides legitimacy to his views and it’s not like he’ll be elected. So, is CNN into reporting the news or do they want to be in the news, making headlines themselves?




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