Jimmy Kimmel’s Anti-Trump Tirade Continues

Last night following the State of the Union address, Jimmy Kimmel brought Stormy Daniels onto his late night talk show. The porn star allegedly had an affair with President Trump back in 2006 while Melania was pregnant and was paid a large sum of hush money.

For the past year, Kimmel has taken it upon himself to be the late night voice of the resistance, lecturing the President from Hollywood on everything from immigration, affordable health care and gun control. Obviously it’s his show and he can do what he wants, but it’s getting a bit tiring, especially since people seek out entertainment as an escape from the 24/7 politics in the news and on social media.

The show opened with a video of Kimmel and Daniels watching the State of the Union. Kimmel brings out a Trump puppet and askes her to “show me on the puppet what Trump did to you.”

In the actual interview, he presses her to reveal details about the affair, which she neither confirms nor denies. The puppets also return for a game of “Never Have I Ever.”


Can we just talk about how inappropriate this is for a minute? Even if the affair is true, this is not late night fodder for a talk show. It’s a serious situation that may happened twelve years ago and while damaging to the President, not exactly relevant to what’s going on in the White House now. If this was currently happening, that would be a different story but still not joking material.

(And yes,┬áPresident Trump most definitely has some character and moral issues and brushing those aside simply because there’s an “R” next to his name is definitely problematic for the GOP. Republicans claim to be the party of morality and should do better when picking their leaders. But I digress.)

This is Kimmel exploiting the situation because he hates the President. Do you think he would have had Monica Lewinsky on during the Clinton era to play with dolls and talk about where the president touched her? Highly unlikely.

In the future, Jimmy Kimmel should give us a break from the politics and actually create comedy that’s funny, instead of preaching his own ideology. As long as Donald Trump is President, that’s unlikely to happen, though.


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