Still no word from GOP on Wynn, allegations

Anyone familiar with Las Vegas, their hotels and gambling have likely heard the name Steve Wynn. Why? Well, because he’s a Las Vegas mogul worth billions who has made his fortune with hotels and casinos all round the world, most notably Las Vegas.

But according to an article from the Wall Street Journal, building extravagant hotels and making billions of dollars wasn’t the only thing he was interested in doing. The article, spanning decades, details the sexually inappropriate¬†behavior of Wynn. The article goes on to state that they talked to dozens of employees who say Wynn pressured them into performing sex acts.

It continues on and in great detail paints a picture of a man who allegedly used his money and power to pressure female employees to pleasure him. Despicable as this behavior, if true, may be, there are big political ramifications and even bigger headaches this could cause the GOP.

Shortly after the election of President Trump, Wynn became the finance chairman of the GOP.¬† Prior to his role with the National Republican Party, Wynn made some big moneyed donations to the GOP, including more than $761,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and $450,000 to the National Republican Committee.¬† He’s also donated funds to individual candidates, both Republican and Democrat, such as Pres. Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John McCain.

Now, the real problem for the GOP comes into play because of Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul who has been accused of sexual assault and even in some cases rape, by dozens of women. Weinstein was a big Democratic player, hanging out and donating to the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and former President Obama. When that all came out the GOP was quick to call on those candidates to return the Weinsten-donated money.

However, since the Wall Street Journal’s story came out, the National Republican Party has not said a word about Wynn. Nothing about the money or removing him from his position with the party.

And I understand that these are just allegations against Wynn, that he has not admitted any wrong doing. But let’s remember, Weinstein never admitted to what he’s been accused of either and the GOP still called on the DNC to return all of the Weinstein money. Weinstein was also never in an official position with the DNC, either.

If something is bad on one side, it’s just as horrible on the other side.

C’mon GOP, your hypocrisy is showing.

– BZ

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  1. What’s fascinating and infuriating is the comparative ease with which scandal can be translated into changes within the Democratic party while Republicans rarely do anything at all, often keeping their worst offenders in positions of power. The GOP may talk about absolute principles a lot, but they clearly have none.

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